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Dentistry is a science that implies not only dental treatment, but also art that returns beauty to them.

A dentist is an artist who creates at the intersection of medicine, aesthetics and modern dental engineering. The doctor is creative in the process of tooth restoration, using the most modern and high-quality materials and technologies.

Your comfort is our priority


Dentures really improve our smile and overall appearance. Not only do they make us look our best, but they also make our life easier. Enjoy simple things like food conversation and smile. Forget awkward social gatherings.

We provide a full range of dental services. For each patient, we draw up a comprehensive individual treatment plan, which often involves the participation of a number of related specialists (therapist, periodontist, orthodontist, surgeon, orthopedist), as well as sufficient time resources. It is important for us to convey to the patient that high-quality rehabilitation quite often cannot be carried out in the shortest possible time (“over the weekend”, “a week before departure abroad”). Since the treatment at the dentist, today, is not just like “going to the hairdresser” or “getting a manicure”, but a long painstaking process that requires mutual involvement from both the doctor and the patient.

A tooth is a full-fledged organ that obeys the laws of biology and, in fact, there are not so many of them as it seems at first glance. Perhaps these organs (teeth) are not as vital as, for example, the heart or kidneys, but the loss of even one of them leads to changes in the entire dentoalveolar system. The loss of several teeth can lead to severe changes in the temporomandibular joints, which can be accompanied by severe pain in them, headaches and, even (you might be surprised), disorders of the entire musculoskeletal system! Therefore, dentistry is not a craft, but a branch of medicine. And the loss of a tooth or its defeat by caries in the aesthetically important zone (the smile zone) can lead to the emergence of a number of complexes in a person, especially since a beautiful healthy smile is a sign of success and health. It has been proven that when meeting a person, in 47% of cases, first of all, we pay attention to his smile, in 31% to his eyes, and only then to smell, clothes and hair.

Our task: to carry out the full course of treatment as efficiently as possible and with a guarantee for a long time.
In our clinic, we solve any, including the most extraordinary, tasks for:



Teeth whitening


Correction of bite

Disease prevention

Out of 10 steps on the way to achieving a good result of dental treatment, we will always take 8 steps. The remaining 2 must be done by the patient – to visit the clinic in accordance with the schedule of visits and strictly follow the doctor’s prescriptions and recommendations.



Having visited the ArtSmile dental clinic, you will appreciate the high level of dental care and the friendliness of the staff!

We will do our best to create a comfortable, safe and maximally confidential atmosphere of your stay in our clinic so that you can easily return to us again and again!

High innovative technologies and professional dentists

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