Our priorities

Clinic equipment

Our clinic is equipped with advanced certified equipment, instruments and consumables from the world’s leading manufacturers, because it is hard to imagine that with the help of fakes and replicas it is possible to achieve the same high-quality and high-tech result in treatment. We always choose high quality, and we do not believe that there are analogues of better recognized brands! In our practice, we most widely use materials, tools and technologies of Dentsply / Sirona (Switzerland). Also materials of the company 3M ESPE (USA) and Ultradent (USA) are widely used. Once again I would like to emphasize that only certified materials, tools and technologies!

The modern interior, certified equipment that facilitates the work of the doctor and the treatment process for the patient, reliable sterilization and high professionalism of the staff allow us to provide quality services of any complexity.

Working with a microscope

Unlike conventional clinics, when a dentist works by touch, without accurately visualizing the area, volume and complexity of the tasks before him, the specialists of our clinic actively use professional optics and dental microscopy, which significantly increases the subtlety and elegance of work, directly affecting the quality. Even such simple procedures as placing a seal or professional oral hygiene are carried out using high-precision dental microscopes so that the doctor can maximally control each step in the process of work, minimize the occurrence of errors and complications, and also easily show everything that is happening to the patient.

Team of specialists

Our clinic has a team of high-level specialists in the narrow fields of dentistry: endodontics, prosthetics, orthodontics, dental restoration, periodontics, surgical dentistry and implantation.

All our efforts are aimed at creating the most comfortable conditions for patients, whose services are carried out taking into account their individual characteristics and an integrated approach to solving emerging problems.

Pain-free treatment

Fear of pain during dental procedures is one of the main reasons why people delay seeing a doctor. In our clinic, it is possible to treat and remove teeth under sedation and anesthesia. This method guarantees 100% painlessness, no discomfort and emotional excitement during the appointment, and in one session of such treatment, several teeth can be cured or removed at once, which allows you to quickly and efficiently eliminate the problem. For treatment under general anesthesia, all the necessary certified equipment and the corresponding license are available.

Disinfection and sterilization

Treatment safety is achieved through multilevel sterilization. The latest techniques and equipment for sterilization, which are in our clinic, allow you to completely protect the patient during the provision of dental care and eliminate the risk of infection with dangerous infections.

Radiation safety

Radiation safety is ensured through the use of a digital low-dose computed tomograph “NewTom” (Italy) and rational X-ray protection during imaging.

For sighting images, we use a high-frequency dental apparatus “de Gotzen” and a radio-visiograph “VISTA SCAN” by “DURR DENTAL”, which reduces the radiation exposure to the patient by 2-3 times compared to conventional film radiography.

High innovative technologies and professional dentists

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