Orthodontic treatment at the Artsmile clinic is an opportunity to choose the most convenient, comfortable devices that will be optimal for each specific situation.

Innovative techniques in orthodontics make it possible to correct such occlusion pathologies, which were considered a “death sentence” for a patient a decade ago. For this, various systems are used: braces, aligners, aligners, orthodontic plates. The clinic’s specialists will select an individual technique for correcting the dentition and correcting the occlusion in both children and adults.

Installation of braces

Braces are non-removable structures that are attached to the teeth during installation and are designed to treat various orthodontic problems, such as: bite correction, alignment of the dentition. They are divided into classic (vestibular), which are fixed to the outer surfaces of the teeth, and lingual, completely invisible when smiling. The classic system can be metallic, aesthetic (ceramic, sapphire braces). Ceramic are made of ceramic mass and are tooth-colored. Sapphire crystals are made by laser milling from a single crystal of artificial sapphire, they are absolutely transparent. Lingual braces can be standard or customized (Incognito system). They are attached to the inner surface of the dentition.


The ligature bracket system consists of the braces themselves, locks for the distant teeth, arches, elastic elements (ligatures, chains), which require replacement, as they lose their elasticity over time. Such corrections are carried out every 3-4 weeks, during which the system is activated; as needed, the arc is replaced when it fully develops all its parameters.

The ligature-free system (self-ligating braces) does not need such frequent correction, the optimal frequency is once every 2-3 months. Each bracket has a built-in lock that acts as elastic elements, but since it does not lose its elasticity, it does not require replacement and activation.


Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

The invisible cure is treatment with aligners. These are systems such as aligners. Elainer – a series of aligners (10-15), which is designed for the entire course of treatment. They are completely transparent and require replacement every 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, this treatment is only suitable for uncomplicated orthodontic pathologies.

The duration of medical measures depends on many factors, such as the age of the patient, his individual characteristics. In some cases, wearing orthodontic structures can last up to three years. However, upon completion of the treatment, the dental arch will be perfectly flat and the bite is correct. This will allow you to smile without embarrassment.


We guarantee you:

  • Detailed consultation of a qualified orthodontist.
  • Drawing up an individual plan for orthodontic treatment.
  • Full consulting support during the entire course of treatment.
  • Braces from leading American manufacturers.
  • Braces installation.
  • Doctor’s recommendations for the care of the oral cavity.
  • Selection of hygiene products and dental cosmetics

Artsmile dentists are experienced specialists in their field, who have not only a huge store of knowledge, but also great clinical experience, authority in scientific circles!

Consultation and installation of braces

The duration of the initial consultation is 30-60 minutes. The orthodontist will answer all your questions and present (based on the initial examination) a preliminary approximate treatment plan: what types of braces are shown to you, what will be the duration and cost of treatment. [/ Vc_column_text][/ vc_column][/ vc_row]

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If you are interested in continuing treatment in this clinic, the orthodontist will refer you to the necessary examinations (orthopantomogram , images of the temporomandibular joints, TRG in lateral and direct projection). All examinations can be done in our clinic on the day of the first visit.


If necessary, the orthodontist will refer you to such specialists as a dentist-therapist, a dentist-surgeon, a periodontist, an orthopedist and a hygienist. The Artsmile clinic has all the listed specialists, so you can get additional consultations on the day of your first visit.

If necessary, the doctor will conduct a diagnostic study using an articulator.

Secondary consultation, full diagnostics

A secondary consultation takes about 30 minutes. You bring the images to this consultation, the orthodontist takes impressions of the jaws and takes a series of photographs “before treatment” for further evaluation of the changes.


Full diagnostics includes analysis of images and photos, additional recommendations of consultant doctors, making jaw models, drawing up a treatment plan.

Third visit, presentation of the treatment plan

On your third visit, you will be presented with a complete orthodontic treatment plan with a suggestion of treatment options that are appropriate for your situation. The doctor will discuss with you the types of braces, the cost of braces, the duration of treatment, the number of visits, etc.

If you are ready to start treatment, then you will be offered to conclude an agreement for the provision of orthodontic treatment and pay the cost of braces.

Installation of braces

During the next visit, the doctor will place braces (or other orthodontic appliances) on one jaw and give recommendations for hygienic care.

The braces for the second jaw will be installed at the next visit. After that, regular scheduled visits begin.

Removal of braces, installation of retention equipment

After the braces are removed, your teeth will be professionally cleaned and a retention device will be installed.

After the end of the retention period, you need to be periodically observed by an orthodontist to monitor the long-term results of treatment.