Kaygorodova Elena Olegovna


  • Gorky Donetsk National Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry, 2007-2012
  • Internship in “Dentistry”, 2012-2014
  • She took specialization courses – “Therapeutic Dentistry” in 2014.
Courses :
  • 2013 – From endodontics to restoration. Minimally invasive concept. Maxim Belograd
  • 2016 – Endodontics 1.0, Endodontics 2.0. Oleg Kuligin
  • 2016 – Artistic restoration of front and side teeth. Vadim Zagorodniy
  • 2016 – Direct Restoration. Vitaly Bogachuk
  • 2018 – Teeth whitening. Modern trends. Andriy Akulovich
  • 2020 – The basic concept of hygienic reception. Perioschool. Tamara Volinska
  • 2020 – Basics of manual scaling. Perioschool. Tamara Volinska

Attending international dental congresses, congresses, forums, lectures: Ram Nair, Domenico Ricucci, Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi.

Direction of activity:
  • artistic restoration of front and side teeth using modern composite materials and optical equipment (microscope);
  • diagnosis and treatment of all types of caries, its complications, and non-carious lesions of the hard tissues of the tooth – a modern concept, minimally invasive approach;
  • professional teeth whitening (Beyond system, USA);
  • professional oral hygiene (using an ultrasonic device Cavitron Jet Plus (Dentsply Sirona), air-abrasive polishing, modern methods of hygienic reception);
  • diagnosis, treatment, prevention of periodontal diseases (conservative treatment methods – SRP, curettage, plasmalifting, use of the device Vector (Durr Dental, Germany).
  • endodontic treatment of teeth using a microscope, modern instruments for root canals and fillings (treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis);