Working with a microscope

Unlike conventional clinics, when a dentist works by touch, without accurately visualizing the area, volume and complexity of the tasks before him, the specialists of our clinic actively use professional optics and dental microscopy, which significantly increases the subtlety and elegance of work, directly affecting the quality. Even such simple procedures as placing a seal or professional oral hygiene are carried out using high-precision dental microscopes so that the doctor can maximally control every step in the process of work, minimize the occurrence of errors and complications, and easily show everything that is happening to the patient.

Benefits of using a dental microscope in patient care:
  • With the help of a dental microscope, diseases are detected at an early stage, so treatment is easier and faster.
  • Under the microscope, the doctor sees things that cannot be recognized with the naked eye. Using a microscope improves the quality of the treatment. For example, when processing a tooth under a crown, using a microscope allows you to preserve more of the tooth tissue.
  • Microscopes are equipped with a camera for photo and video filming, which allows you to record the treatment process and immediately demonstrate to the patient all the manipulations performed at the reception.

The presence of a microscope in the clinic is not only following modern trends in medicine, but also, above all, a tangible improvement in the quality of patient treatment, including:

  • Control of all doctor’s actions
  • Flawless performance of all interventions, even the most complex operations
  • Carrying out complex tasks in the treatment of root canals of teeth, prosthetics, gum treatment and aesthetic dentistry.
  • Improving the effectiveness of treatment