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How is traditional endodontic treatment inferior to modern root canal treatment with a microscope?

The canals have many small curvatures, like the roots of a tree. In order to properly clean and seal them, the doctor needs to see what he is doing. In the case of root canal treatment, this is only possible with a microscope. Without it, the dentist has to carry out all the manipulations, guided by X-rays and "by eye". Therefore, with traditional endodontic treatment, there is always a high risk of complications, which in the future can lead to tooth loss.

Dental treatment under a microscope, on the contrary, gives a 99.9% reliable result!

Many are also familiar with the situation when a tooth gets painful, and it already has a crown or bridge which we do not really want to destroy. The operating microscope allows to find a way out of this difficult situation: its use makes it possible to treat a tooth through an artificial crown with minor damage to the prosthesis.

You need a microscope if:

  • you were referred for tooth extraction because the canals are impassable;
  • the tooth has been treated repeatedly, but it periodically becomes inflamed;
  • the picture showed that you have complex branched root canals;
  • there is a fragment of tools in the root canals;
  • aesthetic restoration is carried out;
  • you take care of your health and are used to receiving high-quality treatment in a short time.

The use of an operating microscope in dentistry leads to an increase in the quality of treatment, reducing the number of possible complications, saving time. And, thus, brings dentistry to a new technological level.

Neurosurgical accuracy when treated under a microscope allows you to save even the most hopeless teeth!

Intraoral digital optical scanner Primescan AC (Dentsply Sirona)

You’ve probably had a dental impression taken before. Whether your dentist will provide you with a crown, an inlay, a bruxism splint or braces: a model of your teeth is required for many kinds of treatments. Shouldn’t  this be possible without the uncomfortable process of biting down on impression material for several minutes? Absolutely! An intraoral scanner lets us create an impression of your teeth quickly, precisely and digitally.

The high-tech way of creating a precise model of your jaw.

  1. After consultation, we create an optical scan of your jaw, or a section of it. 
  2. Software uses this scan to calculate a precise digital model in just a few moments.
  3. With a few clicks, we send the model of your teeth quickly and securely to a dental lab, where work begins immediately.

Advantages of digital impressions with Primescan

+ No unpleasant tray impressions: intraoral scans are much faster and more pleasant than conventional tray impressions.

+ precise models: a digital model is more precise than traditional impression, and the quality of the model can be checked right on the screen.

+ Fast and secure: digital transfer is instantaneous and encrypted.

+ Fully digital process: modern dental labs work digitally. So why take the detour of creating a physical impression? The digital procedure reduces errors and delivers extremely precise results.


The Vector device has been used in dentistry for about ten years

It is a modernization of the traditional ultrasound system, in which the vibration of the ultrasound does not have a direct effect on the surface of the teeth, but is initially transmitted to the surrounding fluid, which indicates minimal pain in the method. The primary task of systematic treatment of periodontitis is to minimize inflammatory reactions in the periodontium by controlling sub- and subgingival dental plaque. The vector system allows for etiologically targeted treatment, which consists in the complete removal of subgingival microbial film and granulations on the root surface, subgingival deposits, as well as gentle treatment of such important regenerative structures as tooth root cementum and soft tissues.

Hypersensitivity after treatment is minimal!

As part of the systematic treatment with the help of the Vector device, a reduction in bleeding due to periodontal inflammation is achieved. Significant improvement is observed more often after repeated vector therapy. Removal of dental plaque and necrotic cement occurs due to favorable polishing movements. The energy of the Vector device is indirectly transferred to the neighboring tissues through the fluid that fills the periodontal pockets. The liquid contains particles of hydroxyapatite (size 10 nm), which improve the removal of subgingival dental plaque and polishing the surface.


Plasmolifting in dentistry is a unique injection method

Aimed at the regeneration of processes in tissues. The procedure is used to treat gum diseases.

The main task of the method is to remove inflammation, start the process of restoring the shape, color and structure of the gums.

A small amount of blood (about 9 ml) is taken from the patient for the procedure. Plasma is isolated from the blood through processing in a special centrifuge. This plasma concentrate is rich in platelets and also contains proteins responsible for growth factor. Proteins are involved in tissue repair, as well as involve stem cells and stimulate their division. Plasma is injected into the damaged areas of the gums, sinus-lifting area, implant site, extracted tooth cavity, in the maxillofacial areas of soft tissues,
in the area of the installed membrane or osteosynthesis. As a result of the start of the regeneration process, metabolism is accelerated, bone tissue is strengthened, local immunity is activated.

The procedure Plasmolifting gums is absolutely safe, as the patient is injected with his own plasma, which eliminates allergic reactions and rejection.
Gum plasmolifting is also effective for the prevention of periodontal disease.

You need a microscope if:

  • The pain is relieved;
  • Eliminates bleeding and bad breath;
  • >Accelerates the healing of the holes of the removed teeth;
  • Improves the engraftment of implants and reduces the risk of rejection;

As a rule, the effect is noticeable after the first procedure!

Teeth whitening with BEYOND

Today, patients are concerned not only about the health of teeth, but also how they look. Aesthetic requirements are constantly increasing. Tooth color is one of the important aesthetic factors that affect the overall appearance of teeth. There are many factors that affect the color of teeth - discoloration.

Discolorations are temporary and permanent.

Temporary discolorations of teeth are unstable staining as a result of exposure to food dyes (tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine, etc.). They are eliminated by professional oral hygiene.

Permanent discolorites are divided into congenital (tetracycline teeth, hypoplasia, fluorosis) and acquired pathology of the hard tissues of the tooth (vital staining, bad habits, age-related discoloration, fillings with amalgam, tooth trauma, depulping of teeth, periodontitis, intracanalitis).

One of the most technologically advanced developments in the field of teeth whitening is the BeyondMAX 5 system!

Advantages of Beyond MAX 5:

  • Whitening gel of the strongest action with the content of 35% of hydrogen peroxide

  • Teeth whitening according to the patented formula of the composition improves the hygienic condition of the oral cavity

  • Contains special components to reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity

  • Clinically proven results

  • Designed with the widest possible range of light activation taking into account the use of any light source whitening system

It is also important to remember !

Only your own teeth are whitened. Seals, ceramic crowns, veneers have a completely different structure, and whitening technologies do not affect them. Therefore, if you decide to lighten your teeth, whitening should precede orthopedic work.

Are there any contraindications to the whitening procedure?

Office whitening refers to a chemical whitening system. Despite the high efficiency and complete safety for the body, this method is not suitable for everyone. Contraindications to whitening can be allergic reactions, tooth hypersensitivity, periodontal disease, the presence of carious process, orthodontic treatment, poor oral hygiene, harmful habits. It is not recommended to whiten teeth to pregnant and lactating women, children under 16 years.


Cavitron Jet Plus

Ultrasonic scaler with air polishing system. This is a new generation of premium ultrasound devices.

Cavitron Jet Plus

It will safely and painlessly help to remove plaque and tartar under the gums and above them, without causing damage to tooth enamel and gums.

Why choose preventive treatment and care?

Plaque on the surface of the teeth, containing bacteria, refers to soft dental plaque. In case there is on treatment, plaque can lead to gum disease (gingivitis) and destruction of tooth tissue (caries). In severe cases of gum disease, there is damage to the bone and surrounding tissues of the tooth (periodontitis), which can lead to tooth loss.

Indications of Beyond MAX 5:

  • Bad breath

  • Tooth tissue damage (Caries)

  • Gum disease (gingivitis)

  • Periodontal disease (bone loss)

Dental plaque is a compacted calcified plaque, which is called tartar. Tartar is close to the teeth and cannot be eliminated with a toothbrush, it requires the intervention of a dentist or hygienist to be removed. Regular treatment by a dentist or hygienist can prevent tooth loss.

Ultrasonic scaling can quickly and effectively remove even the most inflexible plaque, which cannot be removed on its own with regular brushing.

Cavitron is an ultrasonic device that provides safe and painless scaling and polishing of teeth.

Advantages of Cavitron ultrasonic scaling:

  • Effective removal of plaque and tartar

  • Removal of dental stains (tobacco, coffee, tea)

  • Increased comfort during treatment

  • Reduced vibration during the procedure

  • Caring for your teeth

Effective treatment in dentistry

A healthy mouth is an essential component of general wellbeing, confidence and a good mood.
Clinical studies have shown that airpolishing is more superficial than traditional brush and cup polishing, using pumice to remove pigmentation from the tooth surface.
Cavitron is an air polishing ultrasonic scaler for your dental practice. It helps to carefully and effectively remove significant enamel pigmentation without discomfort.

You will feel the difference!

Scaling and polishing every 3-6 months is ideal for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Lack of treatment for dental diseases can lead to complications in the future. The best choice is to apply these treatments early. Each has its own characteristics, individual risk assessments and examination times may vary, consult your dentist for an individualized treatment plan.


Dentistry is a science that implies not only dental treatment, but also art that returns beauty to your teeth. A dentist is an artist who works at the intersection of medicine, aesthetics and modern dental engineering. The doctor is creative in the process of tooth restoration, using the most modern and high-quality materials and technologies.

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