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Primary orthodontic consultation 400
Distalizing orthodontic appliance 10100
Palatine clasp 4400
Bioblocks 3 10200
Self-ligating ceramic bracket system 25500
Orthodontic appliance correction (1 slot) 600
Bracket correction - systems (1 jaw) 650
Metal braces - systems (1 jaw) 15500
Ceramic bracket - systems (1 jaw) 20500
Self-ligating bracket systems (1 jaw) 20500
Sapphire braces - systems (1 jaw) 20500
Eliner (for 1 jaw) 2530
Thermoplastic mouth guard (1 jaw) 1800
Retainer installation (1 year warranty) 1300
Removal of braces - systems and polishing of teeth (1 jaw) 1100
Prof. dental hygiene with bracket system (1 jaw) 1150
Gluing the retainer 550
Diagnostics, treatment planning aligners Set up models 17000
Fixation of the fixed Forsus device 11000
Individual arc 2500
Palatal clasp with Nans button 7500
n>Apparatus Bioblockam - 1, 2 8250
Bio-ray Microimplant 5000
Dilating device based on microimplants (2 pcs) 20000
Dilating device supported by a microimplant (4 pcs) 25000  
Hyrax palatal suture opener 8800
Perforation of the palatine suture 3000

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Dentistry is a science that implies not only dental treatment, but also art that returns beauty to your teeth. A dentist is an artist who works at the intersection of medicine, aesthetics and modern dental engineering. The doctor is creative in the process of tooth restoration, using the most modern and high-quality materials and technologies.

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