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Removing an impression with alginate mass (1 jaw) 350
Removal of 2-layer impression with silicone mass (C-silicone) (1 jaw) 470
Removing a 2-layer impression with silicone mass (A-silicone) 570
Production of diagnostic models, plaster (1 pc.) 480
Production of diagnostic models in the articulator (2 pieces) 1050
Temporary crown made in the clinic (Mock up) 450
Laboratory-made temporary crown 1800
Wax-up 400
Wax-up of all teeth 11200
Mock up of all teeth 14400
Metal ceramic crown 8500
All-ceramic crown, inlay, overlay 13000
All-ceramic ART restoration (veneer, crown, inlay, overlay) 17000
Removing the crown 390
Fixation of an all-ceramic crown, tabs 1050
Fixation of a metal-ceramic crown 620
Cast metal stump tab, single root 2350
Cast metal stump insert, multi-rooted 2650
Insert from pressed ceramics 4200
Individual metal abutment * 4800
Individual zirconium oxide abutment * 6930
Metal-ceramic crown on an implant 7500
All-ceramic crown on an implant (lateral tooth) 13000
Tsilnokersword crown on the implant (front tooth) 16000
Straumann zirconia abutment 8500
Partial removable plate prosthesis 6500
Complete removable plate prosthesis 8000
Adjustment of a removable lamellar prosthesis 2300
CZPP tooth welding 1850
Microprosthesis made of thermoplastic 3500
Manufacturing a soft pad for a removable prosthesis 1040
Complete removable prosthesis on ball attachments 14000
Prosthesis with fixation on implants (temporary) 40000
Prosthesis with fixation on zirconium implants on a titanium beam (spare parts are additionally calculated) 100000
Multiunit direct 2500
Corresponding parts to the 1st implant 2500
 Bügel prosthesis on supporting and holding clasps 12500
Bugel prosthesis with locking fasteners 15000
Replacement of the bushing of the prosthetic prosthesis 1050
Rebasing the prosthesis 1950
Ball-attachment 1500
Multiunit corner 2500
Repositioning cap 7000
Occlusion balancing 800
Occlusense - diagnostics 1200
Small functional analysis 2500
Brux Cheeker 1800
Getting digital impressions(1 jaw) 650
Making a printed model (1 jaw) 700                         
Temporary crown on implant 4500


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Dentistry is a science that implies not only dental treatment, but also art that returns beauty to your teeth. A dentist is an artist who works at the intersection of medicine, aesthetics and modern dental engineering. The doctor is creative in the process of tooth restoration, using the most modern and high-quality materials and technologies.

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