Removal of a tooth 880
Extraction of a wisdom tooth 1400
Tooth extraction, atypical 2200
Extraction of a milk tooth 300
Suturing the tooth socket 500
PRF (membrane / plug) 1200
Surgical lengthening of the clinical crown of the tooth 1500
Intervention on the alveolar bone of the jaw 1500
Well curettage 300
Alveolitis treatment 300
Alveolotomy 360
Periostotomy, abscess opening, drainage 500
Removing "hood" 510
Removal of pathological formation in the oral cavity 3300
Implant placement Straumann Roxolid SLA active 20750
Placement of the Straumann Roxolid SLA implant 18100
MegaGen implant placement 12500
Implant placement Neobiotech * 9000
Implant placement Straumann SLActive * 25180
Implant opening and insertion of the Iterum Gingiva Former * 750
Implant opening and insertion of the MegaGen Gingiva Former * 1200
Implant opening and insertion of the Straumann Gingiva Former * 1330
Operation "closed sinus lift" * 9500
Operation "open sinus - lift"* 17500
Operation "open sinus - lift" in the area of ​​1 tooth 12500
Microimplant installation 3800
Membrane installation 3900
Hemostatic sponge 200
Gingivectomy in the area of ​​1 tooth 320
Meat tissue augmentation 1 stupas * 2650
Meat tissue augmentation 2 stupas * 5300
Augmentation of the alveolar process 1 degree * 3980
Augmentation of the alveolar process, grade 2 * 7950
Augmentation of the alveolar ridge 3 degree * 13250
Primary surgical removal of the communication between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus 800
Surgical elimination of the communication between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus 1500
Elimination of gum recession 1 stupas 3750
Elimination of gum recession 2 stupas 7600
Periapical microsurgical interventions in the dol. tooth 7500
Tongue frenum plasty 1500
Plastic surgery of the upper lip frenum 1200
Removal of the implant 2200
Vestibuloplasty in the area of ​​1 segment 2590
Vestibuloplasty in the area of ​​1 jaw 4440
Surgical template 6600
Surgical template 3500

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Dentistry is a science that implies not only dental treatment, but also art that returns beauty to your teeth. A dentist is an artist who works at the intersection of medicine, aesthetics and modern dental engineering. The doctor is creative in the process of tooth restoration, using the most modern and high-quality materials and technologies.

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