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Filling: glass ionomer 1500
Restoration of tooth surface caries, wedge-shaped defect 2070
Tooth restoration, medium caries 2500
Tooth restoration, deep caries 2900
Front tooth restoration 4500
Making a silicone template 500
SIC capsule 280
Temporary Seal 400
Fissure sealing of a permanent tooth 1300
Gum retraction of 1 tooth 180
Icon, infiltration of 1 tooth 1000
Coating the tooth with a desensitizer 190
Cofferdam, optragate 250
After endodontic tooth restoration with composite (molar/premolar) 3000
After endodontic restoration of the tooth with composite (incisors/canines) 2070
Functional and aesthetic restoration 3250

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Dentistry is a science that implies not only dental treatment, but also art that returns beauty to your teeth. A dentist is an artist who works at the intersection of medicine, aesthetics and modern dental engineering. The doctor is creative in the process of tooth restoration, using the most modern and high-quality materials and technologies.

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