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Children’s dentistry

Responsibility for the health of the child's teeth lies on the shoulders of the parents. Therefore, it is very important to remember that timely treatment and prevention of caries in milk teeth is no less relevant than the treatment of permanent teeth. And that's why:

  • The normal eruption of permanent teeth and the formation of occlusion largely depends on the health and timely change of milk teeth. Temporary teeth play an important role in the formation of the correct bite, face shape, as well as the entire dentition of the child.

If they are destroyed by caries and fall out or are removed in advance, then the jaw may not form properly. This is highly likely to lead to malocclusion in the future.

  • The first teeth are more vulnerable to pathogenic bacteria in the mouth, so children's caries develops rapidly.
  • Caries in milk teeth can be complicated by pulpitis and periodontitis, as a result of which inflammatory cysts can appear in the root zone, as well as the rudiment of a permanent tooth can be affected. Some problems with molars in adulthood arise precisely due to the early removal of milk teeth.
  • Launched caries is often a reason for bullying in the children's team and the formation of psychological complexes.
  • Also, do not forget that the appearance of widespread caries is a sign of a violation of the rules of oral hygiene, a poor diet with a high content of simple carbohydrates or a lack of micronutrients.
  • If the chewing milk teeth are removed early, the child will not be able to chew food normally. As a result, an insufficiently processed food lump will enter the gastrointestinal tract, which will lead to digestive disorders.

Often, parents do not treat even serious forms of caries complications, and periodontitis in a child can turn into periostitis, osteomyelitis, abscess or phlegmon. Moreover, the level of deaths among children from complications of caries is higher than in adults, because with certain factors weakening the immune system, the process from pulpitis to an abscess or phlegmon in a child can take a few days and even take place within a day.

If you do not take into account the first signs of superficial caries, serious complications can arise, which are very difficult to treat in young children. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly visit the pediatric dentist at least 2 times a year.

Prevention is the undoubted key to success!

To avoid the negative consequences of untimely treatment of caries in milk teeth, you need:

  • Brush the baby's milk teeth 2 times a day with a brush and paste after the first milk tooth appears in the oral cavity
  • Regularly visit the dentist for a preventive examination from 12 months, twice a year
  • Every six months, carry out professional oral hygiene
  • Limit consumption of sugary carbohydrates, especially at night (sweet mixes, compotes, juices) in order to avoid the formation of "bottle" caries
  • Teach the child to actively chew solid food (fruits, vegetables)

Common dental diseases in children

Caries. It begins with demineralization and softening of the tooth enamel and the appearance of white spots on the surface of the temporary tooth. The initial caries of milk teeth in the spot stage begins to develop in children from 2 years of age. If the carious spots are left untreated, the enamel cracks, the infection spreads to the dentin, provoking medium to deep caries.

Pulpitis. It is a complication of deep caries and is characterized by inflammation of the nerve of the milk tooth. It is characterized by acute pain with a possible increase in body temperature.

Periodontitis. It occurs against the background of deep caries and pulpitis with untimely access to a doctor. Periodontitis of a baby tooth is very dangerous because it can damage the germ of a permanent tooth.

The peculiarities of dental treatment in children depend on the period of their eruption and the period of root formation.

  • Milky front teeth begin to erupt in a baby at about six months of age. And by 2-2.5 years, after the appearance of the last upper molars, the child already has 20 teeth.
  • Approximate terms of eruption of permanent teeth:

6-7 years - the first molars (appear permanently at once);

6-8 years old - central incisors;

7-9 years old - lateral incisors;

10-12 years old - first and second premolars;

9-12 years old - fangs;

11-13 years old – second molars;

17-25 years old - third molars, or "wisdom teeth".

  • Depending on the age of the patient, different technologies of dental treatment are applied, most often in one visit to the doctor.

Our clinic uses the following methods of treatment and prevention of caries in children:

1. Professional oral hygiene - dental plaque removal with a brush, paste and Air flow technique.

2. Sealing fissures - sealing the grooves on the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars to protect against caries.

3. Infiltration - treatment of tooth enamel with an ultra-modern infiltrate (Icon), which disinfects and seals the "pores" in the enamel. This is the most effective method of treating the initial caries of primary teeth without preparation.

4. Filling (restoration) of teeth - depending on the age of the child and the degree of tooth damage, different filling materials are used, and the process itself is carried out under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Treatment of anterior milk teeth by filling is usually performed with a photopolymer composite.

5. Endodontic treatment of canals of primary and permanent teeth under a microscope, followed by filling of the canals and restoration of the tooth crown.

6. Orthodontic treatment - correction of bite pathologies with the help of orthodontic appliances, braces, aligners.

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