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The doctors of the “Artsmile” clinic use in their work a modern method of providing dental care under general anesthesia.This allows you to perform all the necessary medical manipulations without pain, without causing negative experiences and sensations in patients.

In medication sleep, we work only with adult patients.

The clinic has a special medical license allowing the use of sleep treatment in dental practice.

Artsmile guarantees your safety: all drugs and modern equipment used for such treatment are certified and meet international quality standards.

Sleep treatment is carried out accompanied by a professional team of anesthesiologists.

Immersion in medical sleep is carried out with modern drugs and gases that are safe, easily controllable (the patient can be woken up at any time), do not accumulate in the body and provide an easy way out of drug sleep.

Anesthesia of this level is absolutely safe.

During sleep, all vital signs are continuously monitored and recorded.

The process of natural and gentle falling asleep occurs within one minute after the administration of the drug, and awakening occurs 5-15 minutes after the cessation of its supply.

The advantage is the rapid restoration of clear consciousness, thinking and a feeling of vigor, as after a full night's sleep.

Despite the availability and safety, there are clear indications for dental treatment under anesthesia:

  • Severe stomatophobia (irresistible fear of dental treatment);
  • Allergic reactions to local anesthetic drugs;
  • Complex and long-term treatment (extraction of several teeth, installation of implants, osteoplastic surgery)
  • Treatment of patients with severe gag reflex
  • Treatment of patients with neurological disorders;
  • Treatment of patients with mental disorders.

The word "anesthesia" does not sound intimidating for a long time, and the possibility of its use in dentistry brings it to a new, comfortable level for the patient and makes it possible to quickly, efficiently, painlessly solve dental problems.

All the information you are interested in about the treatment in medication sleep in our clinic, you can check with the administrator.Clinic phone numbers in the "Contacts"section


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